Do you love Italian food? Do you enjoy fine wine?

If you answered yes to either or both of these questions, then you won’t want to miss our exclusive Chef Table and Wine Pairing!

Let Chef Elmer Saravia transport you to the Italian region of Piemonte and join us Tuesday, August 27, 2019 at 6:30pm for an unforgettable evening. Throughout the dinner, your taste buds will be dancing with flavors from roasted veal, homemade pasta, and carefully paired wines.

Chef Elmer came to Carmine’s in November of 2018 from Bice, and brings with him a fresh, authentic take on Italian cuisine. Bringing homegrown herbs into the kitchen, Chef Elmer finds a way to bring each dish to life. Wanting to share his creations, Chef Elmer decided to feature an exclusive Chef Table for anyone to enjoy. Once the menu was created, our wine representative stepped in and found the perfect match to complement each course and flavor. 

Throughout the evening, your heart will flutter with happiness as each dish is presented. Chef Elmer will describe his take on each plate, allowing you to fully embrace and understand our Italian traditions. You can also expect our wine representative to explain his selection and appreciate how the flavors balance the selected offerings.

For only $55 per person, this will be an extravagant evening you won’t want to miss. Join other food and wine enthusiasts on a tour through the Italian region and not only make new friends along the way, but create unforgettable memories with old friends and family. 

Call 561-775-0186 today for your place at the table!